Solo Project

All fully instrumental pieces for power trio, featuring world-class musicians Prashant Aswani and George Kollias, Tom’s deep desire to explore the boundaries of playing capabilities is in safe hands.
Evidently the work of a complex mind, Asseverations is the amalgamation of Tom’s life experiences; a voyage through many irregular and complex time signatures with equally unusual scales from around the world. A unique and exhilarating delve into a fusion of styles, executed with virtuosic style.

ts_017Cycles of Trio

Founded with an uncompromising attitude towards musical expression. After relocating to Japan, British bassist Tom Southerton met up with maestro pianist Tachibana Yoichi. The trio was formed with the imaginative Ito Kooryo on Drums. With a frenetic style they play a lot of notes, not because they can, but because that’s what they hear. The trio’s focus is on enjoying playing together and offering an exciting listening experience for audiences. Intense is the word.


Besides playing as a duo, TomTachi specialize in accompanying vocalists and lead players. TomTachi’s shared love of playing without inhibition and expressing themselves freely has given the two a sense of ‘being on fire’ when they play together. Tom’s busy bass playing is often overpowering but Tachibana felt truly uplifted meeting a bassist willing to cross the boundary of accompanist and able to keep up with his frenetic playing style and excite him. TomTachi hope to cut to the chase and play from the heart.

Gus n TomGus n Tom

Gustavo Torres from Buenos Aires, Argentina is dedicated to the craft of his guitar playing. Besides his phenomenal playing, Gus’ wide variety of styles is what attracted British bassist Tom Southerton to him. Playing Tango, Flamenco, Rhumba, Bossa Nova, Latin, Jazz and Folk from around the world. They have fun trying to communicate with each other with limited English, Spanish and Japanese, music is the best language!

This guy can groove

“This guy can groove and is versatile and rock solid in many different styles of music.”

Tim Franks
Drummer, Manchester

Virtuoso, cooperative, capable

” Tom Southerton – virtuoso, cooperative, capable, many sided… excellent Dude! Always been a pleasure to play with you!”

Daniel Kisters

Excellent feedback

“Tom Southerton has worked for Hipswing Entertainments on many occasions and has always been popular with our customers and we have received excellent feedback. He is reliable and conscientious and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Tansy Shorrock

Performances greater than the sum

“Tom is one of the most professional musicians you could ever hope to meet, his skill, enthusiasm and energy help to make even the most mundane of performances greater than the sum of its parts.”

Jim Faulkner
Guitarist, Manchester

Ultimate professional

” As a bandleader, I can honestly say Tom is one of the greatest and most innovative and adaptable musicians I have worked with. He applies his unique style and vast musical knowledge to any genre put in front of him without sounding cliche or predictable. He is also the ultimate professional, always punctual and prepared to help out beyond the call of duty without being asked. Check out his Wah Wah Hendrix double bass solos man!”

Justin Randall

Flexible, Talented

“Tom Southerton in a very flexible, talented and broadminded musician. He listens well, and adapts easily to new ideas and changes. His knowledge of world music is also fantastic. “

Helle Singsaas

A talented composer and musician

” Tom is a talented composer and musician. his understanding of music sound and rhythm is second to none. Tom`s wealth of knowledge and experience adds structure to any musical setting especially in a band.”

Selina Green
Last Tribe

Any musical project

“I enjoyed playing on stage with Tom, he is a great & versatile musician, very professional person to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to getting on board for any musical project”

Daniel Aso

Peasure to work with

” Having worked with Tom on a wide variety of musical projects over the past 15 – 20 yrs I have always found him to be a truly professional in all senses of the word – Punctual, well organised, a great manager of projects and people, musical director and above all an accomplished and versatile performer. He can switch between musical styles and instruments with ease and is a pleasure to work with.”

Pete Marshall
Session Musician, Manchester

Reliable and honest and respected musician

“Tom is a reliable and honest and respected musician, he has a very warm and welcoming personality and is always keen to work with other musicians especially in the field of World music”.

Mahesh Navekar

Highly talented musician with the ability

” Tom is a highly talented musician with the ability to play many forms of music with ease. He brings great enery and enthusiasm to each performance.”

Rob Maskell
Simon Fielder Productions

He is an amazingly talented

” Working with Tom was an absolute pleasure. He is an amazingly talented bass player and also a great percussionist. His enthusiasm certainly comes through in his playing, with great feel and energy.”

Andy Ross

Discipline, focus, awareness

” Tom Southerton is one of those rare musicians whom, despite his tireless pursuit to craft his own unique voice on his instrument, also possesses the discipline, focus, awareness and general musicianship skills to work effectively in any musical setting. A dedicated and committed artist Tom would prove a great asset to any musical project.”

Jamie Wallace
Guitarist, Manchester

Great ear and great sense of musicianship

” Tom Southerton is a versatile musician and fits in with any style of music. He has a great ear and great sense of musicianship. Working with him was a great privilege and it was a shame to see him leave the UK. Tom also worked as a co-teacher with me and i found him extremely patient and helpful. His knowledge and creativity not just makes him a great musician but also a great teacher.”

Razwan Sarwar
Pianist / Primary School Music Teacher

Wonderfully supportive musician

” Tom is a wonderfully supportive musician, he can play any style from jazz to funk, pop to ska and is always open to trying out new ideas. He is reliable, honest, punctual and professional and all in all, a great person to have in your band, not only for his musical talents, but also for his uplifting personality which always keeps the band

Alex Lorence

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