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  • Improvisation – any Instrument
  • Musicianship – any Instrument
  • Music Theory – Western & World
  • English for Musicians/Vocalists

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  • Double Bass (Contra / Wood Bass)
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums
  • Percussion – African, Orchestral, Middle Eastern, Indian, Latin
  • Guitar – Electric / Acoustic
  • Bass Trombone

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  • In English & Japanese
  • Flexible Lesson Times
  • Private Lessons, Group Lessons

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Lessons at Hiroshima Studio

  • 3mins from Ushita Astramline Station
  • Car Parking Available


Tom has a very easy going way

“Tom has a very easy going way about him and made double bass lessons extremely enjoyable for my 16 year old daughter Jodie. Tom’s extremely accomplished musical talent inspired Jodie and this inspiration coupled with Tom’s teaching meant she advanced quickly. Tom was brilliant at e-mailing her things he thought she might be interested in and went out of his way in assisting us when we bought her a double bass. Tom is one of the lucky few who love their work and this is reflected in his teaching.”

Shirley Hope

Great Bass teacher

“If you are looking for a great Bass teacher then you need look no further than Tom Southerton! He has taught my son, Rob to play the Bass guitar over a period of around 5 years and his progress has been amazing. He is a confident and very able bass guitarist thanks to Tom’s expert teaching skills and his obvious enthusiasm for his music. Not only has he taught Rob to play the guitar in a technical sense but he has also introduced him to a wide variety of musical styles which has broadened his taste and opened his eyes to World Music. Tom also supported Rob through a part-time GCSE in Music for which he recently gained an A grade. Tom is very reliable and a really nice guy too! He has not only been a great teacher but has acted as a role model for Rob all through his teen years. I can’t recommend Tom highly enough!”

Jacinta Atkinson

“Tom is an excellent teacher, very easy to understand and very patient. He gives you a lot of confidence and inspiration. Couldn’t ask for a better teacher.”

Dave Lawson

“I have been studying bass under Tom since 2007. Since this time my bass playing has significantly improved. Each lesson is individually tailored towards my needs whilst motivating and challenging me. Tom has a vast knowledge of music and can teach various styles and techniques. His own experience from playing a variety of instruments and music genres is evident in his teaching. I would highly recommend Tom as a music teacher. His down to earth personality makes him easy to work with and learn from.”

Mark Holden (2011)

Tom’s teaching inspiring

“Tom’s teaching inspired and challenged me and has laid the foundations for my subsequent development as a bass player. He was very thoughtful about me as an individual player and tailored the lessons to my range of technical and creative needs.”

Bob Sinclair

Tom is a fantastic teacher

“Tom is a fantastic teacher; he is very enthusiastic and always has fresh ideas to keep the interest going. Tom asked me what music styles I was interested and developed the lessons around my interest. I had lessons with Tom for both double bass and electric bass and he was able to show me new techniques and provide me valuable information about both instruments. “

Chris Halford

Dedication, professionalism and sense of humor

“20 years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different because you was important in my Sons life. Thank you for your time, dedication, professionalism and sense of humor in teaching Aryan various musical instruments. Aryan is now 7 and is very dedicated when playing his tablas and harmonium, all of that wonderful energy you have was certainly put to good use, and you made it such fun. Thank you for the opportunity you provided Aryan with, maybe one day he will be playing right besides you. Good luck and all the best! “

Sunita Kanji

Highly recommended

“Once I’d decided I was going to really learn an instrument that id put down years ago, then picked up again – the chance find of Tom on an internet search was a real result for me. Not knowing what to expect, Tom has a real ability to teach (at ease) from my own level and in a very short space of time has improved my ability and understanding of bass guitar no end. Lessons are easy going and fun with an obviously talented tutor, any one wondering how to play or requiring solid structured teaching (beginners like myself to practicing musicians) should give Tom a call – Highly recommended.”

Chris Jones

Friendly and generous

“I found Tom to be a friendly and generous teacher, not to mention an impressive musician.”

Russ Clegg

Tom is a brilliantly talented musician

“Tom is a brilliantly talented musician, and his talent is only matched by his patience and teaching. He’s a great teacher for any level of player, weather your just starting out or got plenty of experience under your belt, Tom is your guy.”

Jensen Forshaw

A great experience

“I am a student of Tom on the upright and electric bass ,To learn with tom is a great experience ,and I feel that he has a lot to contribute to the students in understanding of the instrument that they are playing and in music in General.”

Zvika Mark

Very good reputation

“I feel I have progressed quite well under Tom, he seems to have a very good reputation with Bass tutoring.”

Kiran Kakade

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