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Wonderfully supportive musician

” Tom is a wonderfully supportive musician, he can play any style from jazz to funk, pop to ska and is always open to trying out new ideas. He is reliable, honest, punctual and professional and all in all, a great person to have in your band, not only for his musical talents, but also for his uplifting personality which always keeps the band

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Great ear and great sense of musicianship

” Tom Southerton is a versatile musician and fits in with any style of music. He has a great ear and great sense of musicianship. Working with him was a great privilege and it was a shame to see him leave the UK. Tom also worked as a co-teacher with me and i found him extremely patient and helpful. His knowledge and creativity not just makes him a great musician but also a great teacher.”

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Discipline, focus, awareness

” Tom Southerton is one of those rare musicians whom, despite his tireless pursuit to craft his own unique voice on his instrument, also possesses the discipline, focus, awareness and general musicianship skills to work effectively in any musical setting. A dedicated and committed artist Tom would prove a great asset to any musical project.”

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He is an amazingly talented

” Working with Tom was an absolute pleasure. He is an amazingly talented bass player and also a great percussionist. His enthusiasm certainly comes through in his playing, with great feel and energy.”

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Peasure to work with

” Having worked with Tom on a wide variety of musical projects over the past 15 – 20 yrs I have always found him to be a truly professional in all senses of the word – Punctual, well organised, a great manager of projects and people, musical director and above all an accomplished and versatile performer. He can switch between musical styles and instruments with ease and is a pleasure to work with.”

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Any musical project

“I enjoyed playing on stage with Tom, he is a great & versatile musician, very professional person to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to getting on board for any musical project”

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A talented composer and musician

” Tom is a talented composer and musician. his understanding of music sound and rhythm is second to none. Tom`s wealth of knowledge and experience adds structure to any musical setting especially in a band.”

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Flexible, Talented

“Tom Southerton in a very flexible, talented and broadminded musician. He listens well, and adapts easily to new ideas and changes. His knowledge of world music is also fantastic. “

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