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Tom has facilitated a few african drum sessions for our summer festivals at Sparth Community Centre in Rochdale for all ages from children aged about 5yrs to older members of our community some in their eighties. Tom is very patient and understanding and makes the sessions fun for all, people don’t realise the amount how much they are learning until they put together the group performance. If only you were still living in Rochdale, although the people of hiroshima will benefit from his musical and people skills to develop their talents whilst having great fun

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Varied musical interests cover many cultures

Tom’s varied musical interests cover many cultures, and he has the enviable talents and energy to enable him to grasp and play professionally in a surprisingly wide range of styles . With a generosity of spirit, he engages easily, and many school pupils (and teachers, and community groups!) have benefitted from his musical knowledge and the enthusiasm he transmits, and inspires.

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Extremely talented music leader

Tom is an extremely talented music leader and he takes a fun but professional approach to his work. The young people that attended the music course all found the experience interesting even though it was educational.

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Tom is a very versatile musician

Tom is a very versatile musician in his own right with an array of musical talents, he is also an excellent and versitile teacher who has worked with many young people in the UK and abroad and has helped to promote and inspire World music to many around the globe.

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Tom is a great teacher of music

“Tom is a great teacher of music having worked with students of all ages and cultures! The sessions have been thoroughly enjoyable where Tom has got the best out of the students. A wide range of instruments were used which attracted a greater number of students to engage in a variety of workshops and activities! A talented individual who has a love for music which penetrates through to the students!”

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